WVRJA Jeremie Dean Bailey

LAKE -- A man from Lake faces a host of charges after he reportedly gave his son a black eye during a domestic dispute and then kicked an officer when he was arrested.

Jeremie Dean Bailey, 36, is charged with child abuse resulting in injury, battery on a police officer, obstructing an officer, domestic assault and destruction of property.

The incident happened July 7 in the Craddock Fork area of Lake. According to a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, Cpl. C.A. Crum with the Logan County Sheriff's Department responded to a 911 call for a domestic disturbance in which Bailey was reportedly fighting with everyone in the residence.

Bailey's wife told 911 that he was being physical with her and her kids. When Crum arrived, she said her husband had already left and was walking on Craddock Fork wearing a white tank top with blood all over the front of it.

Crum and several other officers searched for Bailey, who was found at the end of Craddock Fork by a State Police unit. After a struggle, Bailey was placed into handcuffs and detained. According to the complaint, Bailey kicked Crum three times twice in the leg and once in the chest while he was being put into the cruiser.

Crum returned to the residence and spoke with Bailey's wife, who told him that she woke up to her car being gone. She said she called Bailey's mother's residence, but the phone went to voicemail. She went back to sleep and was awakened about two hours later by Bailey screaming at her.

Bailey's 14-year-old son reportedly heard the fighting and came outside of the bedroom, grabbed a wheelchair pedal and hit Bailey with it. Bailey's wife said he then took off walking.

She said Bailey then came back and the power went out. When she looked outside, she saw that Bailey had pulled the power meter out and broke it in the creek nearby, which he admitted to her.

While on scene, Crum noticed that the 14-year-old had a black eye. The boy reportedly said his dad had hit him in the eye. Bailey's wife said while the couple were fighting, he hit the boy in the eye with a closed fist.

Bailey is being held at Southwestern Regional Jail on a $100,000 bond.