Dylan Vidovich/Logan Banner The Buffalo Creek Memorial Library is pictured on Monday, the same day Man Town Council approved $1,000 to be given to the library in two separate $500 payments.

MAN - The Man Town Council at its regular session on Monday voted to give $1,000 to the Buffalo Creek Memorial Library - $500 to be paid now and $500 to be paid at a later date.

The library sent a letter to the council requesting the funding to help with its next budget. The council previously assisted the library in its 2018-19 budget, which ends next month.

Mayor Jim Blevins said the town is unable to give $1,000 in one installment due to budget constraints. Council members agreed and decided to split the money in two separate payments instead.

Council members also voted to approve Lisa Chapman for another term on the library's board of directors. Her new term begins July 1 and expires June 30, 2024.

In another news from Monday's meeting, South Man resident David Miller thanked the council for increasing the police presence in the neighborhood. Miller addressed the members at last month's meeting regarding the issue of speeders in South Man.

Council also approved the delinquent municipal and fire service fees for the town.

The next meeting of the Man Town Council will be at 5 p.m. Monday, June 10, at Man Town Hall.