Courtesy of Vicky Hale Mitchell Heights Mayor James C. Motes, center, on Wednesday presented outgoing incumbent town council members Terri Rodighiero, left, and Matt Ellis, right, with plaques recognizing their service and dedication to the community.

MITCHELL HEIGHTS - The Mitchell Heights Town Council on Wednesday celebrated two of its members who will soon be leaving their seats.

Councilman Matt Ellis, who served the town for four years, will soon move to Tennessee and chose not to run for re-election in this year's municipal elections. Councilwoman Terri Rodighiero served for more than 12 years but lost her bid for re-election by four votes.

To give thanks for their time on the council, a party was held for the two on Wednesday. They were presented with plaques recognizing their time and dedication.

The election was held on June 11. Mayor James C. Motes and town recorder R. David Trent ran unopposed, with each earning 50 and 45 votes, respectively.

In the council race, incumbent Butch Nisbet had 42 votes, incumbent Cass Trent won 40 votes and incumbent Justin Brown had 38 votes. Russell A. Carson won 34 votes and will replace the outgoing Matt Ellis. Eddie Walsh, who won 30 votes, will replace the incumbent Rodighiero, who received 26 votes.

The new council will take office on July 1.

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