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STOLLINGS — After graduating from the Paul Mitchell Beauty School in Lexington, Kentucky, in October 2017 and working in that area for a time, Hannah Foxx knew she wanted to come home to Logan and start her own business.

That’s exactly what the 2016 Logan High School graduate has done by opening Foxxy Salon at Stollings inside the now remodeled space that was formerly occupied by pediatrician Dr. Samuel Rojas.

The interior of Foxxy Salon features wide open spaces. Rooms include a selfie room, a relaxation room, a massage therapist room, three hair rooms for three hairdressers, a space for one nail tech and more.

One hairdressing station even has a ceiling with a floral design. Foxx said the intent of the salon’s design is to provide customers with a space that is welcoming where they can relax and unwind while either receiving or waiting on a service.

“The salon just has a different atmosphere,” Foxx said. “I want people to come in and be able to relax and be able to have a place that’s, like, happy and positive so that they can, like, while you get your hair done, come back and relax, play a game of Scrabble ... just somewhere good for the community where everyone can come and have somewhere peaceful.”

The outside front entrance to the building also includes a gazebo that will be used for social purposes. Once COVID-19 is over, Foxx said she hopes to offer parties in the building.

“So far, everyone has said they loved it,” Foxx said. “They really enjoy it. Everyone’s response is like, ‘Oh my God, look at this place!’ Nobody can really believe that this is hidden back here. This place was abandoned for five years, so we did a lot of work to it. You would never know it. It was a little scary at first.”

Services provided at Foxxy Salon include eyelash extensions, lash lift and tint, makeup, waxing and any service related to hair. So far, Foxx is the only employee, but she said she hopes to interview some others soon that can hopefully begin within the next month.

Foxx also sells products at the salon, the most notable one being the Amika hair product line, which she highly endorses after being a longtime user.

“I just love it; they have a good company,” Foxx said. “The word ‘amika’ actually means ‘friend,’ so their little slogan is, like, ‘Amika is a friend to everyone’ — to all hair types and every person, and I love that, and really, there’s something for everyone. The product line kind of treats it like medicine for your hair, so if you have dry hair, use this line, or if you have just normal hair, they have just a signature line. All the products smell the same, and they do what they say they’re going to do. I think that if you’re going to come in and spend money and get your hair done, you’ve got to take care of it at home. If you don’t take care of it at home and you use just whatever on it, then no, you’re not going to be able to recreate what I’ve done here for you.”

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, services at businesses like Foxxy Salon are encouraged for appointment only. To learn more about the services offered, text or call 304-688-2502.

Additionally, Foxxy Salon is on Facebook and on Instagram @foxxysalon. Online booking is offered on the Facebook page.

Foxxy Salon is located in Stollings at 301 Hanging Rock Highway, Logan, near H&R Block. There are signs along the road and alleyway leading to the salon.

HD Media news reporter Dylan Vidovich can be contacted via email at dvidovich@HDMediaLLC.com.