Logan County Sheriff Sonya M. Dingess Porter speaks at the Logan County Commission’s regular session on Friday, Jan. 24.

LOGAN — Logan County’s regional jail bill decreased in December, according to Sheriff Sonya M. Dingess Porter.

During a report to the Logan County Commission on Friday, Jan. 24, regarding the hiring of a new home confinement officer, Porter said the county’s regional jail bill in December was $109,000.

That’s down from previous month highs of $162,000 in September, $164,000 in October and $127,000 in November. The new number is closer to, but still higher than, the $100,000 per month the commission allots to the jail bill in their yearly budget.

The cost of the regional jail bill caused several concerns in the fall when it appeared to continually be on the rise. Eventually, the commission implemented a hiring freeze and cut back on financial requests in response.

Porter also gave a report on the county’s home confinement program. Commissioners approved the employment of Jamie E. Sparks as an extra home confinement officer, with Porter stating the additional officer is “vital to the program to work properly.”

Porter said home confinement officers supervised 91 clients — some juveniles — in December, saving the county $93,799 in jail expenses. The expenses to run the program were $8,314.28. Sixty-four individuals were being supervised as of Friday, Jan. 24.

In other news from the meeting, commissioners approved drawdown request #16 for the Big Harts Phase II project in the amount of $8,816.61.

Don Morgan, the newly hired general manager of the Buffalo Creek Public Service District, approached the commission and said the organization has about $60,000 in debts. He said he has cut as much as he could. He asked the commission to consider financial assistance; county administrator Rocky Adkins asked Morgan to schedule a meeting to determine their needs. Commissioners also approved the renewal of contract with the AirMedCare Network for the annual membership for Logan County residents, which covers medical flights for county residents within the county and nine other counties at no cost.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.