SOUTH WILLIAMSON, Ky. - Much attention has been given to the work at the Loftis "mansion" that is located on a steep hillside adjacent to the South Side Mall. The once luxurious home has been empty for many years.

It was built in the early 1980s but in recent years has been vandalized and burglarized.

However, it is now seeing new life with owner Keith Tincher, who says he has "exciting plans" for the mansion. His first step is inviting Nathaniel Boggs to join him in this upcoming project.

The new owner could have easily bought this home, tore it down and created a business or parking lot on the property. He also could have located another restaurant at the site that sits next to a McDonald's, Giovanni's and The Steak House.

He could have remodeled and lived in it as a private dwelling. But that isn't in the plans.

"He loves our area and he is a true entrepreneur," Boggs said of Tincher, his partner in the venture. "He understands it takes outsiders coming into our area to create growth and that creates jobs. It's just that simple. We want this landmark to symbolize restoration and inspiration in our area and community."

"Those changes come from within; let this bring hope and encouragement," Boggs added.

Bogg remains mum on plans for the former Loftis family home, but he says the parthers will roll out different events and making special announcements throughout the year.

"The first plan is exciting; once the house is ready, the public will have the opportunity to tour this beautiful landmark," Boggs, a local real estate agent, said. "Please be patient through this process. Great things are coming and they will be announced at a later time."

The original structure will be left intact. "The goal is to keep it original as much as the house's condition will allow," Boggs said. "Sadly, some areas of the house need serious attention and repairs."

Boggs said he and Tincher hope to gather all the information they can about the history of the mansion. "We all have or heard stories about this place. The main thing right now is confirming whether it is a fact or a myth," Boggs said.

For example, some say the stone used to build the house was imported from Italy. "We are asking all historians in our community to reach out to us and private message our Facebook page, Loftis Mansion, for any great information," Boggs said.

Just when the project will be completed is yet to be determined.

"The first step is actually cleaning up to see what is behind the vines/trees and the debris inside. From there, we can start by identifying the condition in each area of the house. The project finish time is based on the condition of the house. We anticipate more surprises in this venture - possibly 8-12 months," Boggs said.

Boggs said the mansion has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a sun room, a family room, study, upstairs pool room and balcony and an overlook balcony above the stairs. It also has a back patio, foyer, living room, sauna, poker/game room, in-ground pool, a green room for plants, a sitting room, large kitchen, two family rooms, a dining room, laundry room, a basement, a 3-car garage and an elevator.

The new owner did not want to reveal the price paid for the property.