LOGAN - Edison Adkins, a Democratic Executive Committeeman for District 6, which covers the Triadelphia region, addressed the Logan County Commission on Monday about contacting the West Virginia Division of Highways to fix some of the road problems in the area where most of the county's mining industry is now located.

"All of the coal mining is mostly in the Triadelphia area, and we've got coal trucks everywhere," Adkins told the commissioners. "They fixed part of the road on Buffalo Creek, but they've promised they were going to repair some of the other areas in the spring of the year, but we're not going to make it to spring."

Adkins says he is concerned for drivers' safety, as coal trucks are swerving to avoid numerous potholes that grace the main road all through the town of Man and Buffalo Creek. Adkins added that there's a possibility of more mines opening, which will expand the problem and with school back in session following winter break, the safety risk is even higher.

"We need to do something soon, or we're going to get some family ran over or something bad is going to happen," Adkins said.

Adkins also addressed some issues with the four-lane highway from Man to Logan that opened in August 2017. He said that a taskforce needs to be brought in to look at these issues and remarked that the Man area seems to be "put on the backburner all the time."

Rev. Mike Pollard, who lives at Kistler and is an active community member in the Man area, agreed with Adkins, describing the potholes as "atrocious."

"Some of them are huge and deep, and they're right in the running lanes, and if you swerve and miss this one, like he said, the coal trucks are coming, and it's a disaster waiting to happen," Pollard said. "Something needs to be done."

Pollard says the road needs a complete resurfacing rather than the typical, cheaper spot patching done during the winter months when the asphalt plants are closed. Pollard added that he worked for the WVDOH in the 1980s and said that if the project is large enough, they will reopen the asphalt plants for it.

County Commission President Danny Godby agreed with the men and said he would get in touch with Scott Eplin, district manager for WVDOH District Two, which covers Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Mingo and Wayne counties.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196 or follow him on Twitter @DVidovichLB.