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Doors are marked for a polling place located at Southside Elementary School in Huntington on Election Day in November 2020.

CHARLESTON — Some West Virginia registered voters may receive mail to confirm their addresses.

West Virginia registered voters who have changed addresses at a DMV office or post office or have not voted or updated their registration in the past four years will be mailed a postcard to confirm their address on file with county clerks.

Those who get a postcard can scan the QR with a mobile device and follow the steps to keep their registration active by confirming or updating their information. Voters can check and update their information online at ovr.sos.wv.gov or by mailing the completed pre-paid postage post card to their local county clerk. The postcard asks voters if they are still a resident of the state and county at the address on file.

Postcards that are not returned or are returned by the United States Postal Service will become “inactive,” and those voters will be eligible to vote in the next two federal election cycles. After that timeframe, if the voter registration information is not updated and the voter does not vote in state or local elections, state law says that the registration must be canceled.

Secretary of State Mac Warner said in a news release that 169,417 voters will be mailed postcards after they were identified following the November 2020 election.

“The law requires election officials to send a postcard to each voter identified by the USPS as having signed up for mail forwarding service through the National Change of Address program, and data obtained from other states’ Departments of Motor Vehicles showing voters may have moved to another state. The law is in place to make sure voters on West Virginia rolls are still residents of West Virginia at the address on file with the County Clerk,” Warner said in the press release. “Since we have information from the voter that they may have moved or have had no contact with election officials by updating their registration or voting, many times we find that these voters moved and simply forgot to cancel their registration or are deceased.”

Registered voters do not have to vote in elections to stay registered. Election officials are required to attempt to confirm voters’ residential status after not participating for four or more years. The National Voter Registration Act and West Virginia law require regular maintenance on voter registration lists. The mail notice is the first step in the process.

For more information, contact a county clerk’s office or the Secretary of State’s Office at 304-558-8000.

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