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A court order has resulted in the sheriff being ordered to sell shares of Southeast Cotton and Wilcox Industries, each wholly owned subsidiaries of Gov. Jim Justice's companies.

The shares will be sold at a public auction to the highest bidder at 11 a.m. June 28, according to the legal notice published in West Virginia newspapers.

According to a report from WVOW Radio, that is an outcome of a Logan Circuit Court case contending Justice-owned companies owed more than $160,000 to creditors.

After an agreed judgment order, the sheriff concluded no personal property could be seized. The sheriff was ordered to try again, this time with the aid of testimony that Justice owns 100% of the stocks of Southeast Cotton and Wilcox Industries.

These aren't the first counties or courtrooms where these kinds of personal property seizures have been attempted.

In a federal court case, U.S. Marshals were authorized to collect $662,101.42, plus any further $1,000-a-day penalties, from Justice's Bluestone Coal. The Marshals have not yet reported back on their level of success.

That case is a class action suit filed in 2016 by coal miners who said they were laid off without adequate warning under federal law.