LOGAN COUNTY - A severe thunderstorm that included high winds and golf ball-sized hail in some areas hit several parts of Logan County on Friday afternoon, causing property damage and disruptions in power and internet utilities.

The storm hit the county just before 3 p.m. Friday. The bulk of it lasted around 20 minutes, but the wind speeds of up to 60 mph and the downpour of hail were enough to down trees, power lines and stop motorists in their tracks.

Areas that were mainly impacted by the storm include Mud Fork, Whitman, Holden and all through W.Va. 44, which received the most extensive damage in the Omar and Cow Creek areas. Power was still out in many of the W.Va. 44 communities as of Sunday evening - well over two days after the storm. Even for those who had power Monday, internet and phone services were largely still out.

On Friday night, Appalachian Electric Power reported more than 1,500 outages and by Sunday, their crews were still working to fix and restore power lines and poles and remove large trees and other debris.

Despite all the damage, there were no reports of injuries from the storm.