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Students across Logan County returned to school Thursday, Aug. 26.

The day marked the first time students in the county returned to school on a normal first day of school basis since 2019. Last year, nearly the entire first month of school began virtually, with students returning to buildings Sept. 28.

Some schools chose to mark the occasion with a special greeting for returning students.

At Logan Middle School, students walked a blue carpet and were greeted by teachers Pam Bush, Hazel Mollett, Aime Lanehart and speech pathologist Alice Akers. Principal Brian Atkinson and Assistant Principal Angie Butcher were behind cardboard cameras to signify “Lights, Camera, Action” on a new school year.

In addition, stars lined the sidewalks with teachers’ names on both sides.

“It was one of the best first days I have seen,” Atkinson said. “We had very, very few bumps in the road!”

At Holden Central Elementary School, the young pupils from pre-K to fourth grade were welcomed with “The sky is the limit at Holden Central.”

As each student was dropped off at the school — either by bus or by parent — they were greeted by Principal Tish Marcum. As they walked to the front door, several faculty members of the school then greeted each student with fist bumps and hugs as celebratory music played over a set of speakers outside.

Parents could also get a photo of their children with a “the sky is the limit” balloon setup.

“We wanted to welcome everyone back with some excitement to get ready for the new school year,” Marcum said. “We hope that this has brought some excitement to them because we are excited to actually have students back in the building. The sky is the limit here at Holden Central, and that is the purpose of the balloons and the hot air balloon. We’re just excited, and we hope that this year is a wonderful year.”

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