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Super Bowl bettors wagered $2,833,928 on the game at West Virginia's five casino sportsbooks and two sports wagering apps, according to the state Lottery Commission.

That compares to a weekly average of $4.34 million wagered in January, or about $620,000 a day.

Randy Burnside, public relations manager for the West Virginia Lottery, said the agency does not yet have a breakdown of wagering by casino, the amount of winnings from Super Bowl wagers, net receipts for the casinos or the amount to be paid to the state under the 10-percent privilege tax.

While the Super Bowl drew a record amount of wagering for West Virginia's young sports wagering industry, it pales in comparison to sportsbooks in Nevada and New Jersey, according to the sports betting newsletter Legal Sports Report.

The handle for Super Bowl bets was nearly $146 million in Nevada and $35 million in New Jersey, according to the newsletter.

Since the launch of sports betting at Hollywood Casino, in Charles Town, on Aug. 30, the Lottery has tracked generally steady growth in the amount of wagering, according to figures compiled by the Lottery in weekly revenue reports.

Wagering first topped $2 million during the week ending Sept. 29, about two weeks after The Greenbrier resort's casino launched sports wagering.

The first $3 million week came during the week ending Nov. 10, and wagering topped $4 million for the first time during the week ending Jan. 5, eight days after the Mardi Gras and Wheeling Island casinos became the last of the five casinos in West Virginia to open on-site sportsbooks, but also became the first to launch mobile sports-betting apps.

To date, the record week for sports betting was the week of Jan. 6-12, when bettors wagered more than $4.7 million and claimed more than $4.4 million in winnings, resulting in a net profit of $310,758 and total payments of $31,075 to the state under the 10-percent sports wagering privilege tax.

Also, unlike other forms of casino gambling, where the house is virtually assured a profit, West Virginia casinos have paid out more in sports wagering winnings than they took in through wagers in three of the 21 weeks since the Lottery began tracking weekly sports wagering numbers.

Most recently, that included $292,866 in losses on $3.9 million wagered during the week of Jan. 20-26.

That week was notable for the New England Patriots' upset win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game on Jan. 20. Also, a day earlier, West Virginia University upset Kansas in Big 12 Conference men's basketball, and the Jan. 20-26 reporting period would reflect bettors who redeemed their winning tickets for bets on that game during the week.

Mountaineer Casino was hardest hit, with $116,050 in losses, followed by Hollywood Casino, at -$111,987, The Greenbrier, at -$54,169, and Mardi Gras, with losses totaling $30,539.

Notably, Wheeling Island bucked the trend, reporting a profit of $19,879 for the week.

Overall, from the launch of sports gaming on Aug. 30 through Jan. 26, bettors have wagered more than $48 million, and collected $42.15 million in winnings, providing $5.89 million in revenue for the casinos, which have paid the state $588,675 in privilege taxes.