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SWITZER — A Logan County woman was given multiple charges after police say she became combative after being arrested for trespassing.

Sonya Mae Wilson, 54, of Switzer, is charged with trespassing, obstructing an officer, possession of a controlled substance, aiding escape and other offenses relating to adults and juveniles in custody or confinement, and battery in an officer.

The incident occurred Jan. 29, according to a criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court. Deputy T.C. Johnson of the Logan County Sheriff’s Department answered a call from Logan County 911 about a woman trespassing at 4863 Jerry West Highway in Switzer, along W.Va. 44.

The complainant advised Johnson that the accused, later found to be Wilson, had already left her residence and had traveled farther up W.Va. 44. Johnson attempted to locate Wilson to tell her not to be on the property again.

Wilson was reportedly located inside of a storage unit at Bryan Steele storage buildings at 5003 Jerry West Highway. Police say they witnessed Wilson going through a box with clothing inside. Wilson reportedly told police she saw the door open and went inside to find some clothes.

Wilson was taken to Johnson’s cruiser and searched for officer safety, where she was given numerous commands to place and keep her hands on the hood of the vehicle. According to the complaint, she continuously took her hands and attempted to reach toward Johnson.

The initial search of Wilson’s person reportedly yielded one metal pipe with burn marks on both ends, and five pills. She was detained and placed in the cruiser.

Johnson contacted the owner of the storage buildings, who said there was not supposed to be anyone inside the units other than the renter. The renter of the unit was contacted, who confirmed that Wilson was not supposed to be inside the unit.

Johnson notes in his complaint that when he and a court marshal went to get Wilson to go before a magistrate, she had something stuffed between her legs. When Johnson and the court marshal tried to obtain the item, Wilson reportedly became combative and resisted.

Johnson notes that he restrained Wilson against the wall in the holding cell. She resisted, reached out her arm and reportedly struck the court marshal in the chest.

Upon retrieving the items, three yellow capsules believed to be Gabapentin, two open suboxone strips containing partial suboxone strips, one naloxone pack that contained a piece of suspected suboxone and approximately .22 grams of suspected marijuana were located.

Wilson was arraigned by Logan County Magistrate Dwight Williamson on a $7,500 bond. She currently sits behind bars at Southwestern Regional Jail as of press time.

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.