MONAVILLE - A recent robbery at the old Monaville Grade School led to the arrests of a man and woman, while one other suspect has yet to be identified.

The incident reportedly happened Aug. 22. A day later, on Aug. 23, Logan County Sheriff's Deputy J.C. Morrison responded to a 911 call at the old Monaville Grade School, where he received a written statement from a woman who said that three laptops and a flat-screen television were stolen from inside the building.

Camera footage from the incident showed a man and woman enter the school, take a television off the wall and run outside with it.

The woman was seen on the video smoking a cigarette through the hallway of the school while wearing black and white shoes, red jogging pants, a Nike shirt and a hood over her head. The man wore black pants with a white stripe down the side and a black Under Armour top with a hood.

A few minutes later, according to a criminal complaint, the two returned with a third individual, who is yet to be identified, and started going through the school and taking unknown belongings - all while trying to conceal their identities by covering their faces with masks.

The three are said to have gotten away with at least one large bag and a suitcase full of items.

During an investigation, Haleigh Shawn Hughes, 18, of Logan and Cameron Michael Farmer, 19, of Logan, were both charged with breaking and entering other than a dwelling and grand larceny.

They were arraigned on bonds of $20,000 and, as of Sept. 5, are sitting behind bars at Southwestern Regional Jail.