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WHITMAN — A Logan County family has a new vehicle, thanks to a show of kindness and generosity from Premium Towing, a local company in Cherry Tree near Logan.

When Jessie Elliott, owner of Premium Towing, received an anonymous call from a local organization informing him that a family may need help with their vehicle, he and his crew traveled to the family’s home at Whitman and towed it in for repair free-of-cost. Upon looking more closely at the vehicle, a Pontiac Sunfire, the Premium Towing crew quickly realized several issues — including a rusted subframe — rendered the car unsafe and beyond repair.

That’s when Elliott decided to show the ultimate act of kindness by repurposing a vehicle that had been impounded by local law enforcement for the family. Elliott said the act was not to promote Premium Towing, but to show some classic Logan County hospitality.

“It’s not about what we’re doing,” Elliott said. “It’s about getting back to what Logan County used to be — about helping each other, taking Logan County back, being Logan County proud. People complain about the drugs and the violence against each other and the overprivilege of people, but they don’t want to do nothing about it, so this is our way of doing something about it.

“They’re very gracious people,” Elliott added. “We’re not doing it to embarrass them in any way. Everybody needs a hand up, and this is our way of giving a hand up.”

When Premium Towing delivered the vehicle to the family on Thursday, March 26, the two — Willard and Nancy Ball of Whitman were surprised. The towing crew first showed up with the couple’s old Sunfire and informed them of its nonrepairable condition.

About a minute later, another truck pulling a fully reconditioned 2006 Toyota Sienna minivan appeared in the couple’s driveway. A visibly speechless Nancy Ball was driven nearly to tears as she saw her family’s new vehicle.

“I can’t believe that’s mine,” she said. “I’m trying to keep from crying because I don’t like for people to see my cry. It’s amazing. Y’all done an amazing job. I hope … I don’t know … I’m just glad to get it.”

Her husband, Willard, was just as speechless as he graciously thanked Premium Towing.

“What can I say? They’re good people. That’s all I can say. I appreciate it,” he said, also choking back tears.

Premium Towing is also going to pay the license and registration fees to make the vehicle road legal. Elliott says he’d like to continue doing this at least once a month for more local families.

“By no means is it (the vehicle) new, but it runs and drives very well,” Elliott said. “Now not everyone can afford to do this, but it doesn’t take this level to get back to what we used to be — Logan County proud! Help a neighbor with their lawn who may be disabled, buy a hungry citizen a sandwich or just give a stranger a smile and wave in passing. You never know or realize what the smallest gestures may do for someone down on their luck or just having a bad day.”

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.