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S. Marshall Wilson, an independent write-in candidate for West Virginia governor, poses for a photo with a campaign banner during a stop in Chapmanville on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020.

An independent write-in candidate for West Virginia governor in the 2020 election made his way to Boone, Logan and Lincoln counties on Sunday as part of several meet-and-greet campaign stops.

S. Marshall Wilson, an incumbent member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, is positioning himself as an alternative for voters in the gubernatorial race mostly headlined by Republican incumbent Gov. Jim Justice, who is seeking re-election, and Democratic nominee Ben Salango.

“I actually was planning on getting a job in national security,” Wilson said. “I retired from the Army in 2019 my intent was to go get a job as a national security professional writing national security policy, and when the West Virginia gubernatorial primary ended and we had our choice between an opportunistic authoritarian in Jim Justice and a leftist authoritarian in Ben Salango, I went and sat down with my wife, Julie, and I said, ‘Hey, here’s the situation,’ and she said, ‘Yes, what do you propose to do about it?’ I said the only thing I can think of is that we need a constitutional backup plan.”

Since announcing his write-in candidacy, Wilson says he has campaigned all over the state. Wilson says he will force the executive branch of West Virginia’s government to function according to the U.S. Constitution and, in doing so, he will audit each of the departments for personnel, operations and finances.

“When I find issues, I will issue policy that will straighten it out, you know, actual executive orders,” Wilson said. “By the way, an executive order is an order from the chief of the Executive Branch to members of the Executive Branch. He has no authority to issue them to private citizens — none, period — so I will issue executive orders to the Executive Branch to restructure them to function according to the Constitution. In the process of doing this, I expect to run into laws in West Virginia that require them to function the way they are, which may be unconstitutional, and if I determine that it’s unconstitutional, I will take those laws — those sections of code — to the Legislature and say, ‘Please fix this, because this is unconstitutional in my estimation,’ and then I will leave it to the people of the state, through their Legislature, to reestablish constitutional governance.”

Wilson serves as the state’s only independent delegate, representing District 60 in south Berkeley County since 2016. He originally served as a Republican, but changed his affiliation to independent in December 2019. Wilson is a retired U.S. Army Combat Infantry Officer and a former missionary who lived and served in the Amazon jungle. He has nine children, two of whom he adopted in the jungle, and holds a master’s degree in national security with an area of focus on how free societies devolve into totalitarianism.

For more information, visit www.marshallforwv.com.

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