I hope someone in May 3019 finds this column.

If so, let me apologize for what the uncaring world of 2019 has done to 3019. That includes everyone, including yours truly.

Last week, in May 2019, the temperatures reached the mid-80s in a town very near the Arctic Ocean.

About the same time, scientists reported that the carbon dioxide parts per million in the atmosphere was the densest any time human beings have been on the earth.

They say they cannot predict exactly what the world will be like 1,000 years from now. They believe, however, there will be no ice in the Arctic Ocean or in Antarctica.

The permafrost in the far north will have melted and while the great north sea will be ice-free and open to all ships year-round, the flora and fauna that have thrived in the north will have disappeared.

There will be no wild polar bears. The whales that once filled their gullets with tiny marine animals in cool summer waters around Alaska will probably be gone for lack of food.

Scientists in 2019 say they believe forests will cover the northern terrain, or what's left of it. They believe the melted ice will raise the sea level about 50 feet. Oceanside cities will have disappeared by 3019. The only good news from is that Rush Limbaugh's seaside mansion on Florida's east coast will be under water.

It's likely that the place I live - West Virginia - will be tropical. No more temperate deciduous trees. No more cool weather, only heat and humidity year-round.

For some in 2019, it may sound like a dream. Perhaps that why they continue to spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with wild abandon, as if a totally warm earth is exactly what we want and even need.

Alas, I am one of those who add to the problem. I drive car that burns gasoline and puts pounds, if not tons, of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

I pay lip service to wind turbines and other devices meant to generate power without polluting the atmosphere.

In fact, I live in a state known in 2019 for what President Trump calls "beautiful clean coal."

Do you folks in 3019 know about Trump? He was against non-polluting energy production apparently because the producers of dirty energy gave his campaign millions and pretended to worship the ground the rampaging egoist walked on. Money and praise, lots of both, were all he wanted.

You know, on second thought, no one in 3019 might read this because there might be no one to read it in a thousand years.

I am a firm believer that Mother Earth is a living entity with the ability to protect herself if she feels threatened. And if we humans are her "bacteria," she is likely to destroy us before we can destroy her.

That will leave only the aliens who have visited the earth for a few thousand years and who will doubtlessly continue to visit in 3019.

But they'll never settle here.

Many more planets unharmed by humans are waiting for them.

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