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WVOW first went on the air May 8, 1952. In December 1959 WVOW moved its business to its current location known as The Professional Building on Main Street. By 1969, WVOW was also operating as WVOW-FM and continues today with both AM and FM radio.

I could not let Christmas or 2022 slip away without properly honoring the 70th anniversary of Logan Broadcasting Corporation, more properly known throughout the region as WVOW Radio. Frankly, there is much history in relation to the station that some radio listeners have for many years taken for granted. It is for that reason that I must ask the question, “How would you feel if the station suddenly did not exist?”

I am not in any way insinuating that WVOW radio is going to disappear anytime soon, if ever, but I beg the question because — just like The Logan Banner’s publication format that went from six days a week to one — change can be dramatic. And, as an avid supporter of radio and newspaper media, especially on the local level, I believe we all would really miss WVOW if it ceased to exist.

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