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Dylan Vidovich/Logan Banner

A precaution sign at the front entrance of the Logan County Courthouse is pictured on Friday, March 20, 2020.

LOGAN – Officials in Logan County have opted to implement tighter measures than originally put in place in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

On Tuesday, March 17, the Logan County Commission declared a local “state of emergency” in response to the pandemic and, in doing so, county offices inside the Logan County Courthouse were cut to a skeleton crew of about a 50% workforce. The public was urged to call ahead for their business instead of visiting the courthouse if possible, in order to practice social distancing urged by the CDC.

In an interview with The Logan Banner on Sunday, Logan County Administrator Rocky Adkins announced that the county will begin taking even further steps to prevent COVID-19 from becoming a crisis situation within the county. Beginning Monday, March 23, county offices will be urged to cut back even more, and screening will take place at the front door access of the courthouse.

"It is totally clear to everyone that this virus issue is going to continue to escalate, which tells us that it's even more important for there to be social distancing," Adkins said. “We’re asking the people to avoid foot traffic into the courthouse in any means they can.”

Adkins said that during the screening, you can be expected to be asked why you are at the courthouse and it will then be determined if your physical visit is necessary or if your business can be completed via telephone or other means. Nobody with a cough or any signs of illness will be allowed inside the building.

Furthermore, visitors to the courthouse will only be allowed to enter for the specific purpose they intended.

“We want people to understand that they should be staying at home, if at all possible, and trying their best to help us manage this not becoming a crisis for our county,” Adkins said.

The Logan County Commission is updated by the Logan County Health Department and Logan Regional Medical Center on an hourly basis, Adkins said. The commission is also working closely with the Logan Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) on the matter.

Phone numbers for county offices include:

  • County Commission: 304-792-8626
  • Logan Chamber of Commerce: 304-752-1324
  • County Clerk: 304-792-8600
  • Assessor: 304-792-8520
  • Health Department: 304-792-8630
  • Sheriff’s Department: 304-792-8590
  • Tax Office: 304-792-8680
  • WV Extension Office: 304-792-8690
  • Circuit Clerk: 304-792-8550
  • Probation Office: 304-792-8516
  • Magistrate Court: 304-792-8650
  • Family Court: 304-792-7038
  • Child Advocacy Center: 304-792-6261
  • Prosecutor: 304-792-8670
  • Home Confinement: 304-792-8605
  • Day Report: 304-792-8649
  • Emergency Management: 304-752-0917
  • 911 Center (Non-Emergency): 304-752-7662

Dylan Vidovich is a news reporter for HD Media. Contact him by phone at 304-896-5196.