Overlooking the cityscape of Williamson, West Virginia, the Old Hospital on College Hill has seen its fair share of changes over the last few decades.

Built on College Hill in 1928 after the first Williamson Memorial Hospital location was destroyed in a fire, the Old Hospital was a prominent medical provider in the Williamson community for the next 60 years.

"In 1988, a more modern 76-bed facility was constructed at the top of Alderson Street, which is what we now know to be Williamson Memorial Hospital," said Shelby Porter, marketing manager for Williamson Memorial Hospital. "Once the new hospital was built, the 'old hospital' was renovated and utilized as physician's offices for 26 years."

The Old Hospital on College Hill's doors closed in 2014, when it was converted into a storage facility.

Porter said it's vital to preserve the hospital's heritage for historical record and to educate visitors about the hospital's impact in the community.

"This October makes 100 years Williamson Memorial Hospital has been in service," Porter said. "It's very important for the community because it's Williamson's largest employer and [is] probably one of the oldest facilities [in the area]."

Now, the hospital only opens for a few nights around Halloween for a series of paranormal tours. The tours lead visitors through two floors of its allegedly haunted hallways, where a combination of untouched medical rooms and actors offer a guaranteed spooky experience.

"The Tug Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau had the idea to create a haunted hospital, and it went from there," Porter said. "We told stories about the old hospital and rumors about previous patients. We sold out each night."

Every 30 minutes, 10 "patients" had a chance to explore the eerie scenes. For an additional $5, they could ride in the building's antiquated elevator and take home a souvenir photograph.

"We had volunteers from the community helping, but it was a joint effort by the Williamson Memorial Hospital and the Tug Valley CVB."

For the second year, the Old Hospital on College Hill will continue to host its paranormal tours in late October. For upcoming updates on the 2019 tour schedules and pricing, guests are encouraged to follow the Tug Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau on Facebook.