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The year 2020 was like no other year.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit back in March sports were shutting down nationwide.

Locally, the West Virginia high school girls’ basketball tournament was suspended and the boys’ basketball regional tournament was also halted.

The boys’ state tournament was never played and the girls’ state tourney never finished.

Then the entire 2020 spring sports season was canceled, leaving a huge void for area sports fans.

Local Little Leagues shut down and never got their seasons started.

However, the Logan Little League was the outlier and decided to go ahead with an abbreviated 2020 summer season.

The season concluded last week with four Major Division games. The Minor Division schedule had concluded the week before.

Back on Tuesday, July 21, the Mariners defeated the Reds, 12-3.

Then on Thursday, the Dodgers were a 6-1 winner over the Reds.

On Friday, two games were played as the Astros defeated the Mariners 5-3 and the Mariners lost Game 2 of the doubleheader. 11-9, to the Cubs.

The Dodgers ended up winning the Major Division title with a 9-2 mark, one game ahead of the Cubs (8-3). The Astros (3-5-1), Mariners (3-6-1) and the Reds (1-8) rounded out the field.

“This whole season was truly a blessing,” said Logan Little League President Les Goldie. “I’ve been president over this league for six years now and this was probably one of the funnest seasons I’ve had. This season was a huge success in our eyes. All of my coaches and board members have talked and we discussed how glad we were to have had the season. I literally watched kids that have never played before come out and play. Their parents told me how glad they were that their kids got to play.”

The last day of the season was an emotional one.

“Our last day of games I saw two moms cry,” Goldie said. “I asked what was wrong. They both told me they were glad we had a season to allow their 12-year-old sons the opportunity to play their last season of little league and how sad it was that this part of their life was over.”

Since all surrounding Little Leagues decided not to play during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Logan Little League was able to pick up some extra players from Tug Valley, Madison and Chapmanville.

“I had out of area parents tell us how thankful they were that we took in their kids and allowed them to play with us,: Goldie said. “Myself and our board members sat down back in June and talked about having our modified season or not. We unanimously decided that we could add the fencing to allow social distancing. We also did modifications to the facilities in order to follow the the CDC guidelines as well as the governors guidelines. Everyone worked hard to achieve this in a timely manner.”

Goldie said the season was a huge success amid tough circumstances.

“We saw the kids smiling, laughing, and having fun playing the game. I knew we had done the right thing. The parents did an awesome job following the guidelines,” he said. “Through all this Covid Pandemic and adversity we faced having a season. I’m so thankful for my board members, coaches, and parents that made this the most successful season to my memory. That’s what we did this season. We made some great memories that will last these kids a lifetime. I truly thank everyone that made this possible.”

Logan Little League

Baseball Standings

Major Division


Dodgers 9-2-0

Cubs 8-3-0

Astros 3-5-1

Mariners 3-6-1

Reds 1-8-0

Minor Division


Cubs 3-1-1

Dodgers 3-1-2

Reds 2-3-0

Yankees 1-4-1


2020 Logan Little League Schedule

At Paul Hale Field,

Logan, W.Va.:

Monday, June 22

Major League

Cubs 7, Reds 5

Dodgers 10, Astros 5

Tuesday, June 23

Minor League

Reds 4, Dodgers 3

Cubs 8, Yankees 0

Wednesday, June 24

Major League

Dodgers 10, Cubs 1

Astros 7, Mariners 7 (tie)

Thursday, June 25

Minor League

Yankees 7, Dodgers 7 (tie)

Cubs 10, Reds 8

Friday, June 26

Major League

Cubs vs. Mariners, ppd.

Astros vs. Reds, ppd.

Monday, June 29

Major League

Dodgers 5, Reds 0

Reds 6, Mariners 0

Tuesday, June 30

Minor League

Cubs vs. Dodgers ppd rain

Major Division

Mariners 4, Dodgers 0

Wednesday, July 1

Major League

Cubs 8, Astros 4

Dodgers 1, Astros 0

Thursday, July 2

Minor League

Dodgers 9, Yankees 6

Major League

Cubs 5, Reds 2

Monday, July 6

Major League

Mariners 5, Astros 4

Dodgers 10, Reds 4

Tuesday, July 7

Minor League

Reds 7, Yankees 6

Cubs 6, Dodgers 6 (tie)

Wednesday, July 8

Major League

Dodgers 8, Cubs 0

Cubs 4, Mariners 0

Thursday, July 9

Minor League

Cubs 5, Yankees 1

Dodgers 9, Reds 5

Friday, July 10

Major League

Astros vs. Reds, ppd.

Reds vs. Mariners, ppd.

Saturday, July 11

Minor League

Reds vs. Cubs, ppd.

Monday, July 13

Major League

Dodgers 7, Mariners 0

Astros 6, Dodgers 5

Tuesday, July 14

Minor League

Dodgers 13, Reds 4

Wednesday, July 15

Major League

Cubs 9, Astros 4

Cubs 11, Mariners 5

Thursday, July 16

Minor League

Yankees 10, Cubs 9

Friday, July 17

Major League

Cubs 11, Reds 7

Astros 12, Reds 0

Monday, July 20

Major League

Dodgers 13, Cubs 8

Tuesday, July 21

Mariners 12, Reds 3

Wednesday, July 22

Major League

Dodgers vs. Astros, ppd.

Thursday, July 23

Dodgers 6, Reds 1

Friday, July 24

Major League

Astros 5, Mariners 3

Cubs 11, Mariners 9


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