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stevie B

Herd That’s Stevie Browning reacts after knocking down a shot against Team 23 on July 19 at the Charleston Coliseum during The Basketball Tournament’s West Virginia Regional. Browning has decided to sign with an agent in hopes of resuming his professional career overseas.

stevie B

HUNTINGTON — Former Marshall guard Stevie Browning is no stranger to making moves on the basketball court.

His latest move could have him going from the Herd bench as a graduate assistant to a professional player in Europe.

Following his play in The Basketball Tournament, Browning signed with an agent in hopes of resuming his playing career overseas.

Browning said that going into TBT 2021, his mindset was not geared toward resuming his professional career, but once he got into training camp for the event, the fire started to grow inside him.

“I didn’t go into it with that mindset at all, honestly,” Browning said. “After playing in it and seeing how my body felt — just being able to feel good after games and being able to do it again with no pain, it made all the difference.

“Once I felt that and I saw that I still have it, it was a no-brainer, really.”

From there, Browning’s play also dictated his next move to pursue his professional career again.

In Herd That’s 74-71 loss to Team 23, a team full of professional players, Browning shined, scoring 15 points while connecting on three of five 3-point attempts.

For TBT, Browning averaged 10.5 points and 3.0 assists per game.

“Those guys in TBT play at a high level in Europe or play at a high level in the G League,” Browning said. “To be able to be back out there, compete and see how fun it was, it’s hard to pass up.”

On Wednesday, though, it was business as usual for Browning in his duties as a graduate assistant with the Marshall men’s basketball team.

During Wednesday’s pickup session with the Herd players, Browning knifed through the lane and facilitated well to other players while knocking down shots as if he was still in a Herd uniform instead of coaching.

While younger players such as center Obinna Anochili-Killen joked with him and called him the “old man,” the 27-year-old Browning showed that he’s got plenty left, especially now that he’s back to his college playing weight of 185 pounds.

Browning’s last professional action came in 2019-20 as part of Inter Bratislava in Slovakia, but he’s eager to prove himself again this time around.

Now older, Browning also knows what he’s looking for in his next professional setting.

“We’ll see where the Lord takes us,” Browning said. “I’m really looking at a place where I can go and prove myself — a place where they will believe in me and put the ball in my hands and let me prove that I can play still.

“I know what I’m getting into and I know what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the correct spot and fit over everything else — especially for the first year coming back as I prove myself.”

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